A new book for and from the Django community

“Beautiful Django” is inspired by Beautiful Code, published by O’Reilly. In Beautiful Code, each chapter is written by a different person on the subject of their choice. The only (strong) constraint: to illustrate what they think constitutes “Beautiful Code”.

This book inspired the idea of creating a “Beautiful Django” book along similar principles.

Why Beautiful Django?

To help the community build on each others knowledge by sharing what is beautiful about Django and how it is used in the wild.

To Promote Django by illustrating Django’s greatest aspects, from its vibrant community to its elegant inner workings.

To raise money by donating all royalties to the Django Software Foundation.

To promote diversity by highlighting different voices within the Django community.


As with “Beautiful Code”, each chapter will be written by a different author, presenting a subject that they feel passionately about.

Example chapters might include:

  • A short code example
  • A presentation of a module or library
  • A discussion of community-related events
  • A personal story or achievement
  • A comic strip (?)

We anticipate a handful of chapters exploring elegant code, alongside code-free chapters that are more introspective and inspirational in nature.

The objective is not to develop a “how-to” or “technical best pratices” book; many great resources already exist for learning Django and we don’t want to step on their toes. Instead, we hope to introduce a new perspective on Django and its community.


To do justice to the book’s content, we also want to develop a high quality aesthetic. That means including illustrations and great graphic design from the outset.

As with the book’s content, we hope to source this directly from the Django community.

Fundraising and publishing

Our objective is to raise money to allow us to pay the contributors and print the final book. For more information, see the Funding and Publishing pages.


To make this book a reality, we need your help! As such, we are looking for contributors of all kinds. If you think you can help, please see the Contributing section.

Note that all contributors are expected to follow our Code of Conduct.

With much :heart:, Adrien Brunet and contributors.

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