Who can contribute?

Everyone! “EVERYONE”!

Currently, we need help with:

  • Writing the chapters
  • Editing/correcting/reviewing the chapters
  • Working on the design/illustrations
  • Developing the fundraising campaign
  • Searching for and engaging with authors worldwide
  • Providing administrative support
  • Developing a marketing and sales strategy, see Production
  • Maintaining/developing the Beautiful Django Website (at least a new theme for this blog)
  • Liasing with the DSF
  • Overseeing diversity initatives, ensuring that the book represents the entire Django community

This means we need contributors with a broad range of skills and experiences. Ideally, we would like to see contributions from the entire Django community in line with our diversity goals.

In the meantime, however, any help, even the smallest comment on the blog posts, is greatly appreciated.

If you want to help for anything, get in touch! The best way is to fill this form. We’ll try to get back to you quickly !

Note that all contributors are expected to follow our Code of Conduct.

Specific tasks

If you want to help, the following tasks are the most important for moving the project forward:

  • Define how contributions would be assessed: how do we ensure diversity & quality (2 separate subjects).
  • Work on the submission process: a chapter synopsis with a brief introduction? Submission by batch? Continuous?
  • Finish/improve Code of Conduct
  • Establish/adopt a style guideline
  • Develop a methodology for assessing how much a chapter would cost to write. We need to find an average and fair amount we can give to each author (but we might face budget limitations).
  • Develop a methodolgy for assessing other contributions, e.g. design
  • Establish the technical stack (we are currently considering asciidoc and markdown)

How to contribute

You can propose any change with a pull request on Github, comment on any post on this website or reach me via Twitter or e-mail.