We’d like to give huge and warm thanks to the following contributors:

  • Harry Percival, Daniel GreenFeld, Audrey Roy, Baptiste Mispelon, Russel Keith-Magee, Adrienne Lowe and Emma Delescolle for their initial discussions in helping to form a more concrete idea of what the book could be
  • Ana Balica who took the time to review the first draft, which was quite clunky and full of spelling mistakes
  • Olivier and Nicole Harris, for reviewing and rewriting the manifesto and this entire blog (and correcting my spelling even within this sentence)
  • Joachim Jablon, as one of the first contributors. He is always ready to help. He has like too many spoons for one guy, he must have a twin or something. Thanks for everything he has done and everything he wants to do in the future to make this book a reality