We are considering a CC-BY-SA license for this book. Licensing is one key point and should be examined closely. Please comment below or open an issue on GitHub to discuss this.


As O’Reilly distributes “Beautiful Code”, it would make sense to ask them to publish “Beautiful Django”. Asking a large publisher to work with us would expose the book to a wide audience, but would mean that the royalties (and thus the funds for the DSF) would be limited. It would also be incompatible with a crowdsourcing campaign.

If our ambition is to donate a significant profit :money_with_wings: to the DSF, then self-publishing, or publishing with a small, independent publisher (who pays larger royalties) may be a better strategy.

We need to crunch some numbers to assess which option is the best. If you have a proposal that may be of interest to us, we’d love to hear from you!