Raising money to fund the book

As noted in the manifesto, our goal is to raise money to enable us to pay for contributions and publish the final book.

We recognise that contributing to this project is a luxury that many underrepresented people cannot afford. Relying solely on volunteer contributions would prohibit many from making a contribution and undermine our ambition to showcase the depth and bredth of the Django community.

While we recognise that paying contributors will reduce the final funds donated to the DSF, we strongly believe that it is the best approach for ensuring both diversity and quality in the final product.

Crowdsource campaign

We are considering establishing a crowdsourced campaign to fund this book, with different prices for the final book:

  • web version only
  • pdf + previous
  • epub + previous
  • printed version + previous

Given that we want as many people to read the book as possible, we would also consider providing the web version for free, finances allowing.

In addition, we could sell areas of the book to corporate donors, including:

  • Selling sponsorship ‘levels’, with companies buying logo and/or credits on specific pages
  • Selling sponsor ‘chapters’ where an organisation could write a chapter on how they use Django in their product/solution

The amount we will need to raise still needs to be established. Before setting this goal, we will need to research appropriate payrates/fees for each type of work (chapter writing, graphic design, illustration, etc.).